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2016-17 Transactions

Season 2016-17


February 22nd 2017

Brooklyn trade G/F Bojan Bogdanovic and F Chris McCullough to Washington for F Andrew Nicholson, G Marcus Thornton and a 2017 (lottery protected) first round draft pick.

Philadelphia trade F Ersan Ilyasova & a Future secound round draft pick to Atlanta for C Tiago Splitter and draft considerations.

Cleveland sign Derrick Williams to a second 10-day contract.



February 21st 2017

Houston trade F Corey Brewer & a first round draft pick (unprotected) to Los Angeles Lakers for G Lou Williams.


February 20th 2017

Sacramento trade F/C DeMarcus Cousins (2Yr $35M) & SF Omri Casspi (1Yr $3M) to New Orleans for SG Buddy Hield (4Yr $15.8M 2YrTO)), G Langston Galloway (2Yr $10.6M 1YrPO), SG/SF Tyreke Evans (1Yr $10.2M), a 2017 first round draft pick & a 2019 second round draft pick (via Philadelphia.)

Ayden Says:


It’s finally happened! After years of “will they, won’t they” in regards to Sacramento trading Boogie, they finally did and they got…something in return. Hield is nice but his ceiling is probably JJ Redick. Tyreke won’t be back after the season and Galloway is, at best, a 7th man. The draft pick will be nice in a deep draft but A) Sacramento has a terrible reputation when it comes to drafting and B) New Orleans will be battling for the playoffs now, meaning that pick should be out of the lottery.

For New Orleans, this is an excellent low-risk move. Sure, they give up Hield but spot-up shooters will be available in free agency including the aforementioned JJ Redick. Evans wasn’t coming back, Galloway is a decent bench player but that’s it and the draft picks, while good picks, won’t be high lottery or if all goes to plan for the Pels, even lottery picks at all. And the icing on the cake? If Boogie doesn’t click with AD, they can flip him in the offseason and possibly even get the same return they sent out for him.

The only reason the Kings don’t get an F from me is because now they can tank and finish in the bottom ten so they don’t lose their pick to Chicago.


Carl Says:


Well after all the trade rumours which seem like they have been going on for years, the Kings get to ship Boogie off to New Orleans.



February 14th 2017

Orlando trade F/C Serge Ibaka (1Yr $12,250,000) to Toronto for F Terrence Ross (3Yr $31,000,000) and a 2017 first round draft pick.  (2017 1st-Rd pick will be less favorable of TOR & LAC picks).

Carl Says:


The Magic ship Ibaka to the Raptors from their frontcourt logjam and get back something from a guy who was heavily favoured to walk at the end of the season.  So on this trade alone they get back a good roleplayer (but not great at anything) and a semi decent first round pick probably landing in the mid 20s.  Ross could play a similar role that he had at the Raptors (sixth man) and will be valuable until Fournier gets healthy.  This also allows Gordon to play more at Power Forward which makes sense.

The Raptors finally get their starting Power Forward even though he will be a rental unless he re-signs at year’s end.  So they need to impress Ibaka in the next couple of months.  Ibaka will compliment Jonas’s game, can create space, provide athleticism on both ends of the floor and can play Center in a smaller lineup.  So the Raptors can use some better combinations with Patterson and Ibaka playing together at the same time and will give their starting lineup a third 3 point scorer which they need with DeRozan’s lack thereof.

Ayden says


The Magic turned Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis into Terrence Ross and a late 1st rd pick. We’ve all seen it put this way. The fact is, right now, the Magic made the best of a bad situation. Ibaka was not going to extend with Orlando and EVERYBODY knew it. To even get a first round pick back was a win. T-Ross is a decent wing player who will hit some threes and throw down some dunks. The best part for the Magic is they started to clear their logjam up front.

For Toronto, how can it be anything other than an A? The Raps glaring weakness the last three or four seasons has been the power forward spot and they finally filled it with the best available PF at the trade deadline. Ibaka is a perfect fit in Toronto. Kyle Lowry and Patrick Patterson are very efficient when they’re on the floor together and Ibaka is like Patterson except better in every single way. Moving Ross also opens up more time for Normal Powell.


February 13th 2017

Cleveland trade C Chris Andersen (1Yr $1,551,659) and cash to Charlotte for a protected 2017 second-round draft pick.  (2nd-rd pick from Charlotte to Cleveland is top-55 protected).

C Chris Andersen waived by  Charlotte.

Ayden says


Minor deal that I learnt will magically save both teams money. Cleveland will save about $2m. Charlotte about half of that. The pick is literally there because you can’t give something for free.

Denver trade C Jusuf Nurkic (2Yr $4,865,625) and a 2017 first-round draft pick to Portland for C Mason Plumlee (1Yr $2,328,530), a 2018 second-round draft pick and cash.  (2017 1st-Rd pick sent to POR is MEM’s pick).

Ayden Says:


Portland managed to get a better 1st round pick for Mason Plumlee than Orlando got for Serge Ibaka…yup. Plum was a big part of the Blazers team but Nurkic does fit their needs better plus they will save money next season with Nurkic, a big plus for the team with the second-highest payroll. Plus that sweet, sweet 1st round pick in a deep draft could uncover a star!

Denver had to move Nurkic. There was no chemistry with him and new superstar Nikola Jokic (who Plum should be a better fit next to) and reports say Nurkic was incredibly unhappy with being benched resulting in lackadaisical effort in games and reportedly a big weight gain. He should be much happier in Portland resulting in better play.


February 9th 2017

Cleveland sign F Derrick Williams to a 10-day contract ($67,007).

Carl Says:

Grade: B+

Not the playmaker LeBron was calling for, but now that Kevin Love is gone for 6 weeks this was an important signing.  Playing with LeBron can make most guys look good so look for a rejuvenated Williams in Cleveland

Ayden Says:

Grade: B

Ehh. Derrick Williams is decent but this season he will only be remembered as the recipient of the greatest pass of the season.


Memphis sign G Toney Douglas to a second 10-day contract ($154,758.)


February 8th 2017

Minnesota sign G Lance Stephenson to a 10-day contract.

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