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Ep 12 October 18th 2017

NBA Season Opener Q&A


Ep 11 Septmeber 5th 2017

Kyrie Irving for IT Trade 


Ep 10 July 5th 2017

NBA Free Agency


Ep 9 April 23rd 2017

Playoffs, Final Awards Selections including All NBA teams


Ep 8 April 10th 2017

Jamie Taylor, Playoff series & potential matchups, Threats


Ep 7 March 26th 2017

Resting players, different styles of Playoff Teams, Award Races


Ep 6 March 14th 2017

With Jamie Taylor, MVP and playoff races, Boston Celtics


Ep 5 March 2nd 2017

Podcastsport Collaboration, Trade Deadline Summary, Buyouts, Injuries


Ep 4 February 11th 2017

Zach LaVine, Timberwolves, East Overview, Non-Allstar Teams


Ep 3 February 5th 2017

Cavs, Warriors, Rivalries, Bandwagon Fans


Ep 2 January 14th 2017

Carmelo Anthony, Flopping, Blazers, Heat, Trade Machine Deals


Ep 1 December 28th 2016

Hornets, Pistons, Allstar Selections

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