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Sports Cards: Youtube Channels

A list of recommended Youtube Channels to follow to expand your knowledge about Sports Cards, I’ve put up one video from each channel to check out.
Let us know if you recommend other channels so I can add them to the list.

PACKMAN: Packman does box breaks/reviews of basketball and football trading card products. Content includes product reviews, personal rips, mail days/new pick-ups, giveaways, IRL stuff, and more!

CARDBOARD CHRONICLES: Cardboard Chronicles is a channel dedicated to the sports card hobby and all the unique collectors that make it up. The most interesting part of the hobby to me are the collectors and their stories. I’ll discuss various topics around the hobby with other collectors each week. We’ll talk about why they collect what they do and the cards they’re passionate about.

90s Bball Cards: Joe goes through the nostalgia of the olden age of basketball card collecting.
Share in the excitement as we have box breaks, individual pack breaks, set reviews, collection review

Wax Museum Podcast: YouTube companion for the basketball card podcast that discusses the hobby’s past, present, and future

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