Here’s a look at out third team rankings of the season.
Records show up to the 25th of November.  Find our individual Team Rankings here.
HIGHEST JUMP: Los Angeles Lakers – Up 9 Spots to 17th
BIGGEST FALL: Dallas Mavericks – Down 9 Spots to 30th
1. CLE 11-2 (-)   No other team has done enough to convince us that they are better than the Cavs.  And if Kevin Love can score 34 in a quarter they are only going to get better.
2. LAC  14-2 (↑2) It’s between the Clippers and the Warriors for the best record in the West and the Clippers are playing above expectations.  Who said Mbah a Moute can’t start in this league?
3. GSW 13-2 (-)  You can get record highs for assists and can score like Magic Johnson in the 80s (unlike AC Green).  But you need to defend as Draymond can’t do everything.
4. SAS 12-3 (↓2)   Who said the Spurs were done?  As per normal they bring in guys no one has heard of, their vets are playing outstandingly and the freight train keeps rolling.
5. ATL 10-5 (↑5)  Dwight is quiet and his team is doing very well.  Is this a coincidence?  We think not. 
6. TOR 9-6 (↑1)  They were robbed in Sacramento but really they shouldn’t have been in that situation because the Kings are garbage.  Time for the likes of Lowry and Jonas to start taking the load off Derozan.
7. CHA 8-6 (↑7)  Kemba has put this team on his back.  He is now at All Star level, maybe not in the top echelon but damn near close.
8. BOS 9-6 (↓3)  Boston should start to move back up the rankings with Horford and Crowder back.  They need to improve their rebounding though, in the last five teams is not good enough. 
9. MEM 10-5 (↑8)  Marc Gasol has breathed life back into the Grizzlies, maybe he should get the big bucks Conley is on.
10. OKC 8-8 (↓2)  2 and 7 in their last 9 games have the Thunder on the slide.  Although Westbrook is a basketball god but he really needs to trust his teammates or he is gonna get injured and they’re gonna bottom out.
11. CHI 9-6 (↑1)  Imagine how good they would be if they actually had a Point Guard.  Jimmy Butler is proving to be as effiecient as any wing in the NBA.
12. HOU 9-6 (↑6)  The system is working in Houston with Harden absolutely tearing it up leading the league in Assists.  He needs support though and that one other thing, DEFENSE.
13. DET 7-9 (↓7)  Most of the pieces are in place for this team to succeed.  SVG is pulling his hair out over the basketball intelligence shown by his team at times.  Reggie is not the only answer.
14. POR 8-9 (↓5)  The cracks are starting to show.  Dame and CJ can’t do everything, time for one of the bunch of young bigs to start proving themself.
15. UTA 8-8 (↓4)  They are struggling without Hill but they’re still playing fantastic defense.  They will get better when Hill returns soon and when Favors shows up.
16. IND 7-9 (↓3)  They have injuries to Teague, PG13 and Turner so will probably slide a little but for now we like them more than the Knicks and Bucks in the East.
17. LAL 8-8 (↑9)  This is very weird putting them up here.  But they have the 3rd best offense and the top bench in the league.  And the Lakers are playing entertaining basketball.
18. NYK 7-7 (↑5)  Hornacek needs to get Melo and Rose to stop dominating this team. Because when the Porzingis is allowed to do his thing, magic happens.
19. MIL 6-7 (-)  The Bucks have been quietly doing their thing and are in a way better position than last season.  And Jabari is improving as a 3 point threat too.
20. MIN 4-10 (↓5)  They desperately need wins to keep them in the playoff hunt even this early into the season.  Potential can take you so far and now the trade rumours are starting to pop up, Rubio looks likely to go…
21. NOP 6-10 (↑4)  The Pels are playing great since Jrue came back.  We just hope Tyreke doesn’t kill their momentum when he finally returns.
22. MIA 4-10 (↓2)  Whiteside actually has the Heat playing great defense and I think he will be an All Star this year.  Is Dragic their biggest problem?
23. DEN 6-9 (↑1)  They have serious potential (and we think they’re a dark horse to land Boogie).  Top rebounding team in the league and good offense with no big stars on the team.
24. WAS 4-9 (↓8)  The time is now for the Wizards, a healthy Beal is back and it’s boom or bust to make the playoffs for this team.  This could be the last season for the highly rated backcourt.
25. SAC 6-9 (↓3)  They got away with one against Toronto.  Boogie needs to be not only more consistent but more mature as well. Or the Kings should just actually trade him and rebuild.
26. ORL 6-9 (↑1)  Vogel has them rebounding and playing D but their offense is garbage because they don’t have an identity. They just don’t mesh.  The Magic need to move Gordon while he has value.
27. BKN 4-10 (↑4)  Sean Marks GM of the year?  This would be as Kiwi as mainstream New Zealand media reporting every time Steven Adams gets a bucket.  But seriously, he has being doing some great things within major limitations.
28. PHI 4-11 (↑1)  The process has been a long, windy and bumpy road full of potholes.  Is that tarseal up ahead in the distance or just an illusion?
29. PHX 5-11 (↓1)  Well we can say one thing of Phoenix, Devin Booker is legit.
30. DAL 2-12 (↓9)  Injuries aside, they’re dead last in offense, rebounds and assists (and probably more).  It’s a shame to see Dirk go out like this…