The New Orleans Pelicans and Brooklyn Nets have discussed a trade of Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, Tim Frazier and a 2018 protected first-round pick for Brook Lopez Source: Basketball Insiders




Ayden says:


The Pels biggest concern is their scoring. After AD and Jrue, the Pels have nobody that can really help them out on the offensive end. Tyreke hasn’t been himself since coming back from injury and won’t be resigned next season. Alvin Gentry decided to bench the one other guy that was consistently performing in Tim Frazier and Galloway has been good but he’s a role player. Why not turn them into a legit scoring center who has added a 3 point shot to his arsenal and also blocks nearly 2 shots a game? Lopez’s rebounding is awful but playing him next to AD and he doesn’t need to rebound. For the Nets, they just need to rebuild and to do that they need to recoup some of their losses from the Garnett/Pierce trade. The player who will NET (see what I did there?) them the best return is Brook. But it seems like Sean Marks is adamant that Brook won’t move unless Brooklyn gets two first round picks.

Also, I gave New Orleans such a high grade because if they got Lopez, it means they wouldn’t get Jahlil Okafor who is garbage!




Carl Says:


The Nets would get a trial version of Tyreke Evans in a situation where he can be the dominant ballhandler, either way if he works out they can negotiate a new contract where he wouldn’t be commanding major money.  If he doesn’t work out he becomes an expiring deal to clear some cap room.  Galloway and Frazier have shown promise, will add depth to a young roster and will be valuable roleplayers on most teams on good value contracts as well.  But the main thing is getting back a decent first round draft pick and finally be able to build through the draft.

The Pelicans get rid of dead weight in Evans who really hasn’t done much in New Orleans, hampered by injuries also.  Frazier and Galloway have been good but will be needed to match contracts to get Lopez.  Lopez is one of the best big man scorers in the league and the Pelicans will be hoping he could do the same there.  The problem is AD has been a mile better at the Center position than Power Forward and there would be no way Lopez would come off the bench.  Lopez is a poor rebounder and will need another big to play defense alongside him aswell.  There is a chance this could work and take pressure off AD to score but I would rather see the Pelicans go after a premium wingman instead.  Plus giving up that pick…