All Kiwi hoops fans remember this moment and damn it felt good being a Kiwi basketball fan for most of my life and actually getting to witness a fellow Kiwi getting drafted into the NBA.

“From Rotoro..Rotorua, New Zealand”, awesome words from then Comissioner David Stern.

He was third best pick at the time according to Jay Bilas (having Shabazz Muhammed and Mason Plumlee ahead of him).  And Adams (also Kevin Martin & Jeremy Lamb) was part of the trade in whence the Rockets acquired James Harden.

Gobert and Giannis were yet to come but we can’t blame the Thunder for going with Adams.  Just a great moment and is always worth a watch below:



Side Notes:

The Pelicans were for the first time the Pelicans.

Notice in the ESPN headlines scrolling at the bottom of the video:

Nets close to acquiring KG, Truth & the Jet from the Celtics.  Hardest part was getting KG to waive No-Trade Clause.  Well they got it right as per Yahoo Sports and this went on to become one of the most infamous trades in NBA history.

Dallas missed the playoffs for the first time since they got Dirk and were only 2 seasons off winning the championship.

Also Aaron Hernandez denied bail awaiting trial for his murder case.

And Bill Simmons was still working for ESPN so much has changed in 4 years!


  • Carl