I had a crack at putting up my NBA lines on here last season, it didn’t work out too good.  I tried to post my point spread for every game, every day, it was just too much.  I had been successful in the past but hadn’t put that much real money on it, I mainly just tracked my results.  Football betting was where I was good at, I had no real loyalties or influences there, just stuck with my system and it worked (still works well now).  Maybe I was just too big a fan of hoops.

Consistency was my major issue with NBA betting, so much to keep on top with every single day for 7 months a year.  So I had a few runs for a couple of random weeks throughout the season, instead of sticking with my picks throughout the whole course of the regular season.

This year I’m changing it up, I’m going to look at each day’s games and pick the spreads I like best.  Then I’m going to post them on Twitter.  Nice and easy and anyone can follow them.  At the end of each week I will do a writeup on here with my results.  So follow my point spread or line bets on Twitter @onpointcarl and hopefully I can get some positive results for my betting account and yours!

So dates are NZ time the game is played and I use Pinnacle only for Odds.  If you are serious about betting I highly recommend singning up with Pinnacle for the best odds and highest limits.  I am also going to track a bankroll of $1,000 and use bets of 2% of bankroll to show I how much I can make with these bets.

As you will find out below, I had a really god week.  And if you not quite sure about any of the numbers or terms just hit me up on here or Twitter.


RESULTS for NBA Point Spreads 2017-18


gsw-6.5 1.17
orl+6.5 1.16
cha+5.5 0.88
den-4 -1
mia+3.5 0.83

Units W/L: +3.04

Starting Bankroll: $1,107.25
Bet Amount: $22.15
Gain/Loss: $67.34

Ind+6.5 0.95
Bkn+5.5 -1
Cha-4 0.97
Cle-10.5 -1
Mil-5.5 0.91

Units W/L: +0.83

Starting Bankroll: $1,089.17
Bet Amount: $21.78
Gain/Loss: $18.08

okc-8.5 0.93
det+8.5 0.83
cle-4.5 -1

Units W/L: +0.76

Starting Bankroll: $1,072.86
Bet Amount: $21.46
Gain/Loss: $16.31

was+12.5 0.86
orl+5.5 0.94

Units W/L: +1.8

Starting Bankroll: $1,035.6
Bet Amount: $20.7
Gain/Loss: $37.26

Dal+8.5 0.81Chi-3 1.13
Mil-3.5 -1Lac+3.5 0.84

Units W/L: +1.78

Starting Bankroll: $1,000
Bet Amount: $20
Gain/Loss: $35.6




Total Wins: 14

Total Losses: 5

Winning Percentage: 73.7%

Units Won: +8.19

Total Gain/Loss: +$174.59

ROI: 43.2%

ROC: 17.46%