It was another long NBA regular season and we enjoyed the rollercoaster just like any other season.  Somewhere along the way most of us forgot about our Season Win totals (well I sure did until a week or so before the regualr season finished).

So if you want to check out our picks before the season started, here is the original post:


So before we announce the winner below, here are a few interesting tidbits to go over.

Everyone got the Dallas Under 35.5 wins, they won 24.

Everone got the Knicks Under 30.5 wins, they won 29 (yes 29 somehow).

Everyone got the Houston Over 55.5 wins, they won 65.

Everyone lost the OKC over 50.5 wins, they won 48.  First time in a while only 2 teams in the West got 50 or over wins.


Jack missed a team by the most games picking the Pacers to win 28, they won 48.  Our average pick for the Pacers was 31.8, over 16 wins off.

In the West, the Grizzlies only won 22 games, way under our average pick of 36.6 wins.  JT had them with 41 wins, 19 games off.


So without further ado the winner of the comp is Jack!  Who wins 21 points and pockets $200 cash, well done.


NBA Over/Under Comp Final Results

FIRST:  Jack: 21 points, 18 correct, 3 exact Minnesota 47, LA Clippers 42 & Atlanta 24.

SECOND:  Ayden:  20 points, 18 correct, 2 exact Boston 55 & New York 29.

THIRD EQUAL: JT:  19 points, 19 correct, 0 exact.   Rob:  19 points, 17 correct, 2 exact Brooklyn 28 & LA Lakers 35.

FIFTH: Carl 18 points, 17 correct, 1 exact New York 29.

SIXTH EQUAL:  Andrew 16 points 16 correct, 0 exact.   James 16 points, 15 correct, 1 exact LA Clippers 42.

EIGTH: Tuaine 14 points, 13 correct, 1 exact Phoenix 22.

NINTH: Waz 13 points, 12 correct, 1 exact Detroit 39.

TENTH: Jeremy 11 points, 11 correct, 0 exact.