A very very good Week 3.  Only 1 bet wrong in my early bets and 5-0 in my gameday bets, so a solid start to the NFL season.  Whereas last year I was around 4 units down.

Who picked the Bills with the points?  Or the Cardinals?  Or the Lions beating the Pats?

Maybe this year reverts back to favoring the underdog a bit more as last season had a record number of favourites covering.

Anyway, just 3 early bets this week with the Byes kicking in.  Line in the Bears v Buccaneers game still to come.


Week 3 Early Betting Results (Odds with Pinnacle)

PHI-6  -1
BAL-5.5 +0.95
WAS+1.5  +1.14
DET+6  +1
SEA-3  +0.95

4-1 +3.04 Units  Strikerate: 80%  ROI: 60.8%


11-5-1 +6.36 Units  Strikerate: 68.75%  ROI: 39.75%



Week 3 Gameday Betting Results (Odds with Pinnacle)

ARI+6  +0.9
BAL-6 +0.96
WAS+1.5  +1.12
DET+6.5  +1.05
SEA-2.5  +1.05


5-0 +5.08 Units  Strikerate: 100%  ROI: 108%


12-5-1 +6.98 Units  Strikerate: 70.6%  ROI: 41.06%



Week 4 Early Bets.  Odds with Pinnacle.

Los Angeles Rams – Minnesota Vikings  Vikings+6  $2.05

New England Patriots – Miami Dolphins  Patriots-7  $1.98

Denver Broncos – Kansas City Chiefs  Broncos+3.5  $2.12