I don’t really want to publish these results but I better.  It’s just disgusting to put it honestly.

And to sum it up the home dogs which I backed just utterly failed.  In years past these types of bets helped boost my bankroll nicely at the start of the season.  Last year I was 12-9 after 2 weeks.

I will be changing my strategy slightly after a week like this, adjustments will be made.  A bit of a tough road ahead but lets see if I can get back on track.


NFL 2018-19 Units
6-Sep CHI-4.5 -1
9-Sep TB-2.5 -1
TEN+6 0.91
WAS+10 0.98
16-Sep BAL-12.5 -1
CIN -1
MIA+17.5 -1
NYG -1
WAS+3.5 -1
LAR-2.5 0.99
17-Sep NYJ+6.5 -1


On the other hand, the start of the season has set me up with a great start for my Season Win total futures.

Rams over 10.5, a win on the road over Panthers and beating the Saints at home were two of their hardest 7 games of the season.

Ravens over 8.5, two of the easier games bu they get the job done, only needing 7 more wins from 14 games.  With two games against the weakened Steelers being two of their harder games previously, makes this total seem a lot more achievable.

Jets under 6.5, Darnold is out and his backups look very poor. Also the home game against the Bills in Week 1 was part of their easisest 7 games of the season. They have a tough run coming up until they go to Miami in Week 9.

Raiders under 5.5, they have the one win so far unlike the Jets, but they have a similarly tough schedule.

Cardinals under 5.5, they missed a big chance with their draw against the Lions in Week 1, this could have swayed things in my favor.  Being winless so far and a Niners team that looks stronger bodes well for me.