What’s going on everyone. Today we start Round Two aka the Sweet Sixteen of our All-Drafted Showdown. If you need a refresher on the rules or whatnot, Part One is here. You can also check out the full rosters on our Twitter (@Sportcodex). Let’s get onto the first four matchups of Round Two.

1. Golden State Warriors vs 16. Minnesota Timberwolves

In the first round, Golden State easily dispatched of the bottom seed Memphis Grizzlies, to nobody’s surprise. They ended up with 85% of the votes. They’re going up against the 16 seed Minnesota Timberwolves. Their first round matchup wasn’t as easy; they only just squeezed past the Dallas Mavericks by one vote. Golden State should walk away with this one as well but Minnesota could be a sneaky dark horse here.

8. Portland Trail Blazers vs 9. San Antonio Spurs

In the first round, Portland got past the 25th seeded New York Knicks convincingly, getting 80% of the total votes. They’re gonna have a tougher matchup this time round, going up against the 9th seed San Antonio Spurs, who also dominated their first round matchup against the Nuggets, garnering 83.3% of the votes. This will be a tough matchup as the majority of this Spurs lineup, which is the underdog, were parts of two different dynasties coached by Pop. But the Portland team are the higher seed for a reason. This one gonna be close.

4. Seattle Supersonics vs 13. Charlotte Hornets

Sigh. I was hoping my Hornets would go far after squeaking past the Sacramento Kings in the first round, and maybe they still could. But the 4th seed Supersonics, who got revenge on the OKC Thunder by getting 78.5% of the votes, are my pick to win it all. I guess if I wanted a team to eliminate my team, I’d choose the Sonics. But still, vote for the Hornets!

5. Chicago Bulls vs 12. Philadelphia 76ers

I initally thought the 5th seed Bulls would easily get past the 28th seed Miami Heat, but I guess there are a lot of Dwyane Wade fans out there. It took not one, but two tiebreakers to finally find a victor for the matchup. On the other hand, Philly had a pretty easy time with the Toronto Raptors, getting 70% of the votes to make it to this matchup with the Bulls, where best friends turned rivals Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley will go head-to-head.

That’s all for today. Keep an eye out on Twitter for the polls and be sure to vote and retweet them. Until next time