What’s going on everyone. Today we move onto part two of Round Two aka the Sweet Sixteen of our All-Drafted Showdown. If you need a refresher on the rules or whatnot, Part One is here. You can also check out the full rosters on our Twitter (@Sportcodex). Let’s get onto the final four matchups of Round Two.

2. Milwaukee Bucks vs 15. Atlanta Hawks

In our matchup that got the most total votes so far in the tournament, the Bucks easily got rid of the New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans, with the Louisiana team only receiving one vote. The Atlanta Hawks on the other hand, beat a much harder team in the #18 seed Rockets, where they got 70% of the votes. Both teams are a good mix of current and former stars, with Giannis and Luka leading their respective teams, but legends like Kareem and Pistol Pete in the mix as well. This could be closer than the seeding suggests.

7. Detroit Pistons vs 10. Utah Jazz

The Pistons actually had the biggest winning margin of any of the first round matchups, taking 91% of the votes against the Washington Bullet-Wizards. The Utah Jazz had a much tougher time, only winning by one vote against the 23rd seed Indiana Pacers. The Pistons are basically the Bad Boys with Grant Hill and Dave Bing added to the mix, whereas the Jazz are the usual suspects of Stockton, Mark Eaton, Deron Williams and AK47 as well as the surprise entrant, Dominique Wilkins. Now, notice I didn’t mention a certain player because maybe I don’t like that player and I don’t wanna mention him.

3. LA Lakers vs 19. Orlando Magic

The Lakers are arguably the greatest franchise of all-time historically, definitely the best in the West, but surprisingly they didn’t get the top seed. However, it didn’t matter much as they easily disposed of the Undrafteds in the first round. The Magic were our only first round upset, getting past the 14 seed Phoenix Suns quite convincingly, getting 80% of the votes. Can the Magic pull the upset again, with the help of two Centers who went on to win chips in LA, Shaq and Dwight? Or are the Lakers just too much?

6. Boston Celtics vs 11. Cleveland Cavaliers

The Boston Celtics had an easy first round matchup, getting 83% of the votes to eliminate the LA Clippers. The Cavs had a tougher opponent in the 22nd seed Brooklyn Nets, yet got more votes, getting 89% of the votes, and let me tell you; they aren’t voting for Ron Harper. This is the power of LeBron stans. This matchup actually reminds me of his early years in the league, dragging a team of less talented players to hopefully upset the big dogs. Bron is calling on the power of his stans, but will it be enough to get past the powerhouse that is the Celtics.

There are the final matchups for the second round. Who ya got? Remember to like and share the polls around. As always, until next time…