We’re down to the business end of this bracket madness now. We’ve seen some good teams get sent home (I’ll miss you, my beautiful Charlotte Hornets), but now is the battle of the Big Boys.

If you need a refresher on the rules or whatnot, Part One is here. You can also check out the full rosters on our Twitter (@Sportcodex). Let’s get onto the four quarterfinal matchups.

1. Golden State Warriors vs 9. San Antonio Spurs

A lot of people would argue that the Warriors are the heavy favourites to take this out, yet they didn’t beat the 16th seed Timberwolves that convincingly. Sure, they took about 75% of the votes, but you’d expect a 1 seed to be completely dominant until the finals. The Spurs were technically the underdogs, taking 66% of the votes against the 8th seed Trail Blazers. Can the Spurs keep the dynasty going for one more title run? Or will Steph and co ruin Pop’s party?

4. Seattle Supersonics vs 5. Chicago Bulls

It’s funny. Back in ’96, some people considered the Sonics the favourites in the NBA finals against the Bulls. They took out some stiff competition here, eliminating my beloved Hornets with a 71% total vote count. The Bulls didn’t have an easy ride either though, taking out Charles Barkley and the Philadelphia 76ers. So will Chicago prevail again? Or do GP and Kemp get their revenge and take this one out?

2. Milwaukee Bucks vs 7. Detroit Pistons

The Bucks won their matchup last round with the second biggest margin of victory, getting 79% of the votes over the Atlanta Hawks. Bye Luka. The Pistons however, needed to go to a tiebreaker to get past the Utah Jazz. They did however, win the tiebreaker quite convincingly, taking 80% of the votes. Must’ve been the Andre Drummond factor of that second team. I really could see this one going either way, and I think this one is the most likely to be an upset this round.

3. Los Angeles Lakers vs 6. Boston Celtics

It’s funny how these things work out. In the first round, we ended up with the Sonics getting a grudge match against the Oklahoma City Thunder. We’ve got the Bulls vs Sonics up above and now, the biggest rivalry in the history of the NBA. Lakers vs Celtics. Magic vs Bird. The Logo vs Hondo. Who is going to take this matchup out and definitively win this rivalry once and for all*?

*Victory does not ensure rivalry won once and for all

There’s the quarterfinal matchups. Keep it locked on the Sportcodex Twitter account as those polls will be up in the near future. Thanks for reading along and voting.