Here it is; the Grand Final of the All-Drafted Teams Brackets! It started with one massive podcast and 32 teams and it all comes down to this. For one final time, if you need a refresher on the rules or whatnot, Part One is here. You can also check out the full rosters on our Twitter (@Sportcodex). Although if you’re only just joining in this now, where have you been?

Enough of that; onto the finals!

2. Milwaukee Bucks vs 5. Chicago Bulls

The #2 seed Bucks have mollywhopped all their competition on the Road to the Finals. They dismantled New Orleans in Round One, gaining 76% of the votes. Round Two went pretty similarly, getting 78% of the votes against the Hawks (who, due to a faux pas on our part, should’ve had Bill Russell on their roster but I don’t think he’d have gotten the Hawks over the line here either). The Bucks closest matchup was in the Quarterfinals against the Detroit Pistons where they only received a “measley” 67% of votes. They even dominated the Lakers in their most recent matchup, getting 69% (giggity) of votes to send the Purple and Gold packing.

The #5 seed Bulls had a decidedly tougher time, needing TWO tiebreakers to get past the #28 Miami Heat. Weirdly, they didn’t face a challenge as tough again, beating the 76ers in the second round with 65% of the votes. The Bulls faced some competition in the Quarterfinals as well, sneaking past the #4 seed Sonics with a 60/40 margin. But the big one happened in the Semifinal, where the Bulls smacked the #1 seed Golden State Warriors upside the head, garnering nearly 70% of the votes on their way to a matchup with the Bucks.

MJ or Kareem? Giannis or D-Rose? Jimmy Buckets or Dr. J? Whoever you vote for, just know that Carl and I have enjoyed this ride and appreciate everyone who participated. Keep it locked on the Sportcodex Twitter page and also follow mine and Carl’s Twitter pages as well. I mostly post memes and tell Karl Malone to fuck himself, but sometimes I post some good shit too.

Our next brackets are already in the planning stage so keep an eye out for that.