Hi everyone, if you are reading this, you either have just created an account on Cardcodex or just about to (here’s the link if you haven’t card-codex.com/page/create-account ).  We want to go over a few things before you get in and have a look around.  Then hopefully you get involved and use the site to your card collecting benefit.  Now the website is in Beta stage, so we still have a lot of features and functionality to add and update over the coming months.  So there will be some hiccups along the way but just let us know of any problems you come across.  All feedback will be appreciated, good and bad.  We need to know so we can improve things!

First up, we created this site for three main reasons: 

  • To be a hub for the card collectors.  Setting up all of your card collecting links and info in one place.
  • To have a trustworthy marketplace for selling cards.  We won’t let just anyone sell.  Gain reputation points by being active in the community and build some trust.  We will be verifying accounts in future for added security.
  • To research and share information in and around the hobby.  Creating a Card Wiki and a resources page to help collectors build their knowledge.

Some steps to get you started.

  1. Update your profile.  Just go to Profile on the Homepage or click your avatar icon on the top right menu on each page.  Fill out details of your social media links, groups you belong in, cards you collect and/ore cards you may be after.
  2. Check to see if you know any other collectors that have joined.  You can add them as a friend once you click on their profile.  Cardcodex has a standard messaging system that can be found next to your profile avatar.
  3. Read through the Rules & Guidelines.  These can be found on every page on the Footer Menu.  Also our About page.
  4. Check out the Card Marketplace to see what’s for sale.
  5. Upload some photos of a card or cards to your Collections A nice way to share your PC cards, maybe show off some unique cards you may have.
  6. Check your Notification settings and set them to how you like.  Also please double check your email inbox in the Spam folder if you haven’t received any emails when you create an account.  This can happen to new websites emails when email inboxes don’t recognise them.  Please check any that have gone through to Spam as not spam, this will really help us!
  7. Save a card-codex.com shortcut on your phone.  Card-codex.com works well on your phone, not as good as a PC but adapts well on most devices.  Add a shortcut to your homescreen or bookmark from your browser.  Works just like a native app.

Now that you’ve gone through those key steps, here are some extra things to do once you have the basics sorted.

Add some content. Start a discussion, share an update, create a video breaking some wax, all of this can be done straight from the homepage.

Create a Group. Also really easy to do, great for setting up a group for collectors that focus on a specific part of the hobby.

Do some research, have a look around.  From our resources page to the Card Wiki, check out some card collecting stuff you may have missed.  Also have a look at the card business directory.

Create a Business profile.  Obviously for those with a card related business, page or group.  It’s easy to create a secondary profile and also easy to switch between them using your same account. Just click on your profile avatar and go to the bottom of the menu as shown in the pic below:

We now have notifications running on the three main browers, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. So this includes all Android phones, unfortunately IOS does not receive these push notifications though. These are really important to get people using the site active and involved, especially once a lot of buying and selling starts happening.

A couple of other smaller issues on the backend have been sorted and tested.

How to set up Push Notifications

  • Visit the site card-codex.com on a browser either on PC or Android (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
  • Create a free account
  • A notification box will appear, click/press Allow to accept notifications
  • Done!
Notification Box