What’s up and welcome back. We’re at the final day of the third round of the Sportcodex Sports Movies brackets. We saw some upsets in the last matchups, including one that I am very disappointed in. Let’s have a quick look at those and then we can get on to today’s matchups.

In the first matchup, the 17th seed The Karate Kid felled the giant that is the #1 seed Ford V Ferrari, garnering 75% of the votes.

That wasn’t even the biggest margin of victory as the 34th seed Cool Runnings swept the 15th seed Field of Dreams, getting 100% of votes and ending Kevin Costner’s fifth and final entry in this bracket.

The 30th seed Rocky took care of business, taking out the 46th seed Talladega Nights with 66.7% of the votes.

Finally, I am very disappointed and upset at everybody who voted for the 51st seed The Waterboy. First it took out Creed, now it’s taken out the 13th seed Warrior, getting 66.7% of votes.

Now, I better move on to the latest round of matchups before I get too sad at that last result.

25. He Got Game vs 41. Coach Carter

He Got Game

Stars: Denzel Washington, Ray Allen
Directed by: Spike Lee
RT Score: 82% (81% critic, 83% audience)
Path So Far: Beat 40th seed Invictus with 62.5% of votes. Got past the 57th seed BASEketball on a tie-breaker.

Coach Carter

Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Channing Tatum
Directed by: Thomas Carter
RT Score: 74.5% (64% critic, 85% audience)
Path So Far: Annihilated the 24th seed 42 with 85.7% of the votes. Got past the 56th seed Kingpin on a tie-breaker.

I find this matchup very interesting. Both basketball movies with a serious tone. Both eased past their first matchup then needed the tie-breaker to get past the much lower seeds in the second round. I have a personal favourite that I want to go through but I won’t say it and risk the jinx.

39. The Blind Side vs 23. Remember The Titans

The Blind Side

Stars: Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron
Directed by: John Lee Hancock
RT Score: 75.5% (66% critic, 85% audience)
Path So Far: Beat the 26th seed A League Of Their Own with 75% of the votes. Heartbreakingly beat 5th seed Moneyball with 53.3% of the votes.

Remember The Titans

Stars: Denzel Washington, Will Patton
Directed by: Boaz Yakin
RT Score: 83% (73% critic, 93% audience)
Path So Far: Remember The Titans barely squeezed past the 42nd seed Dodgeball by virtue of the tie-breaker. Beat the 55th seed For Love Of The Game with 72.7% of the votes.

I am going to stop talking about any level of disdain I have for The Blind Side because I am sick of jinxing myself. Let’s just say that I feel Remember The Titans is an objectively better movie but The Blind Side has all of the momentum right now.

6. The Fighter vs 43. Happy Gilmore

The Fighter

Stars: Christian Bale, Mark Wahberg
Directed by: David O. Russell
RT Score: 90% (91% critic, 89% audience)
Path So Far: Beat 59th seed Hardball with 80.6% of votes. Beat 38th seed Goon with 60% of the votes.

Happy Gilmore

Stars: Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald
Directed by: Dennis Dugan
RT Score: 73% (61% critic, 85% audience)
Path So Far: Swept the 22nd seed Major League, getting 100% of the votes. Dominated 11th seed Love & Basketball, getting 80% of the votes.

Another tough matchup here. The Fighter is the highest remaining seed after Ford V Ferrari was just knocked out and has convincingly beaten it’s two opponents so far. However, Happy Gilmore has had higher-seeded opponents and beaten them much more convincingly. In fact, Happy Gilmore has the highest average margin of victory in the entire bracket so far, averaging 90% per win.

60. Space Jam vs 44. White Men Can’t Jump

Space Jam

Stars: Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny
Directed by: Joe Pytka
RT Score: 53.5% (44% critic, 63% audience)
Path So Far: Beat 5th seed with 58.1% of the votes. Beat 28th seed Jerry Maguire with 72.7% of votes.

White Men Can’t Jump

Stars: Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson
Directed by: Ron Shelton
RT Score: 72.5%
Path So Far: Destroyed the 21st seed Friday Night Lights with 90% of the votes. Beat the 53rd seed Any Given Sunday with 77.8% of the votes.

This is usually the part where I would lobby for votes for Space Jam but I can’t this time. Not because of a potential jinx either. I am genuinely torn as I love both of these films. They’re both silly but also incredibly fun for different reasons and I don’t know if I can personally pick a favourite. Tough, tough matchup.

There we have it. The final four matchups for the third round. Top 8 next round. It doesn’t get any easier from here. As always, follow The Sportcodex on Twitter to keep up with this and future brackets.

Until next time, PEACE!