Hi all. This is just a weekly post that Carl or I are going to do about the NBA summing up what’s been happening in the last week. Keep an eye out for future installments in the world of movies, cards and other sports. Onto the happenings of the past week:

Has Grayson Allen gone full villain?

In the game yesterday between the Bucks and the Bulls, Alex Caruso was driving to the lane and was fouled HARD by Grayson Allen. At first look, the foul looked innocent enough. It was a hard foul, but looked to be a play on the basketball that ended up with an unfortunate landing for Caruso. However, once all the replays came out, it is clear to see that Allen went up to block with the left hand, then turned and with his right hand, yanked Caruso down by the arm, causing the force and awkward landing angle.

It has since been announced that Caruso will need surgery and will miss 6-8 weeks. Allen could’ve stopped the drama before it happened by simply apologising but not only did he not apologise, he was seen smirking and/or laughing as he got ejected. Fuck Grayson Allen. All my homies hate Grayson Allen.

Check it out here if you missed it.

Phoenix pulling away from everybody else

The Phoenix Suns sport an NBA-best 36-9 record, 3.5 games ahead of their closest competitor (Golden State). They own the current longest win streak of six games, and have won nine out of their last ten, their only loss being a (pretty bad) loss to Miami.

The Suns don’t have anyone in the MVP conversation currently and have built this record on the back of great coaching and team play. Sure, Devin Booker is a beast and Chris Paul is the Point God, but they’re also getting a career year out of Javale McGee. Hell, Bismack Biyombo has been great for them. He just had 21 points and 5 assists, both career highs, in their game against Indiana today. Come playoff time, the Suns are going to be hard to beat.

Broken Nets

In a game against the New Orleans Pelicans on January 16th, Kevin Durant suffered an apparent knee injury and had to leave the game. It has since come out that he has suffered an MCL sprain and will miss the next 4-6 weeks, which will also see him miss the all-star game. While the starting lineups haven’t been announced yet, Durant was the leading vote-getter in the Eastern Conference and was a lock to start and perhaps even captain one side.

This will almost definitely knock Durant out of the MVP race as well, a race where he was a leading contender.

Speaking of the MVP race

While the Denver Nuggets continue to struggle, they cannot blame Nikola Jokic as he continues to do everything he can for his team. He currently leads the Nuggets in every major category and continues to put up crazy numbers.

He currently has four consecutive triple doubles, including one very impressive one against the Clippers on the 20th. Joker was one point away from a 50 point triple double, dropping 49 points along with 14 rebounds and 10 assists. A lot of people don’t like giving the MVP to teams that hover around that .500 mark, but with Steph struggling of late and Durant missing heaps of time, Jokic should get a serious look at an MVP award similar to what Westbrook got in 2016-17.

Check out the highlights here. Skip to 20 seconds into the video to avoid the annoying ad.

Jaren Jackson Jr all-defense push?

JJJ was originally known for being a 7-footer who had an awkward jump shot that still somehow happened to go in. However, he hasn’t managed to consistently find his stroke since coming back from his injury in the NBA bubble.

Something that Jaren has become known for, especially of late, is his shot blocking. In fact, he has coined himself a new nickname; the Block Panther. I dunno how I feel about the nickname, but he has earned the right to give himself one. Over the last 8 games, he has 33 (!) blocks. That is not a typo. He is averaging 3.5 blocks a game in January, which leads the league and is currently third in the league over the whole season.

The thing is, he isn’t just hunting blocks. He is making smarter plays and finding himself in the right position to make these plays. The Block Panther definitely deserves all-defense consideration this season.

That’s been this week in the NBA. Join us back here next week for another weekly wrap-up.