Follow along with my #NFL betting for the season, I will keep everyone updated in our Facebook group, Sportcodex Community also. I use Pinnacle for my NFL betting, a lot better margins than you will find in New Zealand or Australia.

Another losing week after a bad week 1, at least I get a win in Thursday night football with the Browns taking out the Steelers 29-17 (Trubitsky) has to be replaced by Pickett ASAP)

I have 5 bets lined up for tomorrow’s card. Strange that I am going 4 favourites by the same point spread but that’s what I see value in. These odds are recorded at Sunday 11th 9.30pm NZT.

Odds at Pinnacle

Browns @ Steelers Browns -5.5 $2.10 WIN

Bengals @ Jets Bengals -6.5 $1.97

Lions @ Vikings Vikings -6.5 $1.99

Chiefs @ Colts Chiefs -6.5 $2.14

Eagles @ Commanders Eagles -6.5 $2.01

Falcons @ Seahawks Falcons ML $2.02


Patriots @ Steelers
 Steelers -1.5 $2.27 LOSS

Bengals @ Cowboys Bengals -9.5 $2.24 LOSS

Texans @ Broncos Broncos -10 $1.91 LOSS

Panthers @ Giants Panthers -2.5 $2.31 LOSS

Buccaneers @ Saints Buccaneers -2.5 $1.97 WIN


W: 3 L: 8 P: 6 W: 27% Units: -4.89

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