Follow along with my #NFL betting for the season, I will keep everyone updated in our Facebook group, Sportcodex Community also. I use Pinnacle for my NFL betting, a lot better margins than you will find in New Zealand or Australia.

Week 10 was as 50/50 as can be, 2 wins, 2 losses and a push, a very slight gain due to the fact I mostly take over odds and sacrifice a few points here and there. As you know I stayed away from the Thanksgiving games, they are always volatile IMO, same thing with the market last week, just nothing I really liked. Then this week comes along with 6 nice spots for me.

I have 6 bets lined up for tomorrow, 4 home favs and 1 road underdog.

These odds are recorded at Sunday 30th Oct 8.30pm NZT at Pinnacle


Cleveland Browns – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Buccaneers -5.5 $2.31

Jacksonville Jaguars – Baltimore Ravens Ravens -5.5 $2.20

New York Jets – Chicago Bears Bears +6.5 $2.12

Washington Commanders – Atlanta Falcons Commanders -5.5 $2.25

Philadelphia Eagles – Green Bay Packers Eagles -7 $2.04

Indianapolis Colts – Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers ML $2.22


Chicago Bears – Detroit Lions Bears -3 $2.07 LOSS

Kansas City Chiefs – Jacksonville Jaguars Chiefs -10 $2.13 PUSH

Miami Dolphins – Cleveland Browns Browns +3 $2.09 LOSS

New York Giants – Houston Texans Giants -5.5 $1.98 WIN

Tennessee Titans – Denver Broncos Titans -3 $2.11 WIN


W: 24 L: 24 P: 4 TOTAL: 52 W: 50% Units: +1.32