A preseason is exactly that, a “pre” season before the regular season commences.  Stephen A. Smith has declared the regular and “post”season over already after one (yes one!) preseason game.  Yes the Warriors destroyed the Clippers but it doesn’t count for shit.

As in any typical preseason, unfancied teams are going to beat contenders, disappointing players of the past and exciting youth of the future are going to have massive games.  Superstars are going to be non-present and questions will be asked of normally solid performers who can’t do jack in these meaningless games.

Yes it is great to have the NBA back, yes it is great to actually see Embiid play in a Sixers uniform for the first time even though he was drafted over two years ago and yes it is good to see D’Ángelo score 33 points (jump shot looking good by the way).

But stop predicting how whole regular season records are going to turn out after just a few games so far.  Benches are stacked with guys who will end up on D-League rosters and overseas, new plays are being formed and tried, and new coaches are getting used to their rosters and finding lineups that they may want to use.

So don’t even look at the records of any team from this preseason and use it to judge the winning record of that team to come in the regular season.  Enjoy the preseason for what it is, the chance to see a guy break out and make a roster, some flashy dunks that won’t be attempted in a game that matters and a chance to check out some of the new guys on your favourite team’s roster.

Not one of these guys talk about the preseason below: