Well, we here at On Point partaked in a bit of NBA Fantasy drafting today.  Joining an ESPN league of Kiwi hoops fans set up by the guys at www.armchairhoops.com.  Featuring a decent list of team names, my team (@onpointcarl) being the Stan Van Gangsters:


I’m a relative newbie at NBA Fantasy (had one previous season a few years ago with Yahoo).  So this is the result of my second go at doing a NBA draft.


Luckily I had set my picks earlier as I missed my first pick at number 3.  I put Karl-Anthony Towns in here ahead of guys like Curry, Durant and LeBron.  KAT had an outstanding Rookie year, totally dominating the class, already having a good preseason (I know I don’t take any value out of these worthless games) he should have great all round numbers.

I drafted versatility with numerous players playing two positions and my main focus in stats were 3PT, Points and Rebounds.  I also went for a lot of the younger generation of players whether this plays to my advantage or not I don’t know.  Dario Saric and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson are my sleeper picks.  Saric based on the fact that he will start at PF in Philly with a weak backcourt so he should get production with Noel and Simmons out to begin the season.  Rondae can become the Nets go to this season, veterans Lin and Lopez will start off being the focus of the offense but if the Nets want to make any progress they have to find ways to get Rondae and Bogdanovic involved.

So overall I think I did alright and I’ve given myself a B grade.

Onto @onpointayden‘s team, It’s not a BaTumour:


I told Carl before the draft that I didn’t want to draft in the 4-7 range and of course, I ended up right in the middle at #5. I decided to go with Giannis for a couple of reasons. First, I’m a rebel and I do what I want. Second, Giannis has three-position eligibility (and should be four by the start of the season considering he is starting at PG.) After the all-star break last season, when Giannis started exclusively at PG, he tore the league a new one and that is what I’m banking on.

I took Draymond second due to his all-round skills and I am going to petition with ESPN to add unnecessary high-leg kicks as a stat because then I’ll have that one sewn up! Kyrie was my third pick and I chose him because he looked to take that next step to upper echelon PG during the finals and I am hoping that continues. Also, I have assists covered with my previous two picks so I took the points and 3s here.

My next target was either Batum or Porzingis but both were (rudely) taken before my turn so I went with Aldridge. Despite all the rumours, he is a top-3 PF in the NBA and he will provide good value here.  I went with Fournier next because Carl stole Nikola Jokic from me…he’s just the worst! Fournier should see an increase in numbers with Oladipo out of town.  I had to pick Dwight Howard after that…gross. My next pick is my potential breakout in Myles Turner, although he needs to have C eligibility.

I spent the rest of the draft making panic picks as the rest of the guys in the league continued to forget their draft etiquette by taking all of my targets (Reggie Jackson, Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle, Kris Dunn, Marvin Williams and Robert Covington were all sniped from me.)

Overall, I probably need a more reliable backup PG and more SF depth. I’d give myself a C for the draft.

So there you have it, let us know your thoughts!