It started with the Monobrow, Anthony Davis putting up major numbers in the Pelicans season opener against the Nuggets.  I mean this was a crazy stat line: 50 Points, 16 Rebounds, 5 Assists, 7 Steals and 4 Blocks.  Only 1 Block off being a 5×5 (here’s some Trivia name the players with one of these, you will never get one of these guys unless you Google it, just like Dana Barros, Corey Brewer and Andre Miller getting 50 Point games).


And then Russell Westbrook gets the highest scoring Triple Double since Elgin Baylor in 1961-62.


So is this a very early sign that these two teams are going to predictably rely on their main guys to do the majority of the scoring?  I mean Russ and AD can be relied on heavily and can carry a team.  But over a whole season?  We know about ADs injuries already and Russ’s fearlessness so can their constitution keep up?

So many questions for an interesting season.


  • Carl