I’m going to go over some great past moments in time in the NBA’s vast archive of footage.  Some will be memorable and some not so, almost forgotten.  The memorable ones most NBA fans know like the Ray Allen shot to win Game 6 for Miami.  And then there are some great moments that have been forgotten about quickly by the average fan.

Let’s have a look at one of my all time favourite players that never reached the peak of his game due to his dodgy knees, Brandon Roy.

What I like about this moment is that he struggled mightily in the 2010-11 season, he had just come back from knee surgery in February.  Even in this massive Game 4 of the NBA playoffs against the eventual Champions, Dallas, he only managed 1-3 from the field in the first three quarters.  This video will show the rest.



By the way, another one of my all time favourite players was also in Rip City’s squad, Gerald Wallace aka Crash.  If you notice the small ball lineup of Aldridge at Center, Crash, Batum, Fernandez/Matthews and Roy running the point.  This was deployed against the Mavs more traditional lineup (and quite big) of Chandler, Dirk, Matrix, Jet and Kidd.

  • Carl