Does anybody think of Andre Miller as a scorer?  I still really can’t believe this actually happened.  Yes, that Andre Miller when his career began to take that slide on the downward slope.

This is a guy who just shot over 20% from downtown, known for his solid point guard play, looked to get other players involved, be a team guy (always suit up as well) and only shoot when needed.  At this point of time in the season coming into this game against the Mavericks, he was only averaging 12 points per game.

This is the second highest points total for a player in Trail Blazer’s history, and there have been some great players who have donned the Black, Red and White.

And this was a high intensity game, both teams fighting for position in the West, the game was close, so close in went into Overtime.  No blowout where points come easy, all these points make this accomplishment all the better.

Here are the highlights: