Welcome back after Week 1 of #NFL betting.

I came out with a 2-2-1 record, down by 0.1 units, so a so so start.  As always Week 1 throws up some wild results.

I’ve put together a short list of what lines I am looking at to bet on for Week 2.  I will confirm at a later date on which ones I go with. Pinnacle is my go to bookie for these lines and prices listed are with them.


New York Giants – Buffalo Bills  Giants ML $2.04

I have the Giants as 3 point favourites in this one.  The Bills gained momentum with a tight win over the Jets (who were extremely poor) which shouldn’t have made any impact on the line at all.  It is the Bills second game on the road (funny with Buffalo playing both NY teams first up with them being the only team based in New York state!).

Miami Dolphins – New England Patriots Dolphins+17.5 $2.10

Yes I know!!! Dolphins getting pummeled and the Pats dismantling the Steelers amplifies this line even more.  The Fins are really really bad though.


Washington Redskins – Dallas Cowboys  Redskins+3.5 $2.11

Redskins play another division team at home and they are going to play tough on defense all year.  The Cowboys are coming off a big win over the Giants and are getting overhyped.


Los Angeles Rams – New Orleans Saints  Rams-3 $2.10

This is close for me, if I can get the Rams at around $2 for -2.5 I will probably go for it.  The Saints have a short week and have to travel to LA, they only just got by Houston on Monday Night.