It’s semi-final time in the men’s brackets! As with the women, we have two tough match-ups here so I won’t waste any time and just jump right into it.


1. Arnold Schwarzenegger vs 12. Harrison Ford

Arnie, arguably the heavy favourite to win this whole tournament, has smashed through every matchup he has had. He beat Danny Trejo in round one, with Trejo grabbing a couple of mercy votes. De Niro wasn’t so lucky in the second round with Arnie providing him with the only sweep in the tournament so far. His most recent matchup was “close”, with Bruce Lee grabbing 30% of the votes. On the other side, Harrison Ford has done well to get this far as the 12th seed. He easily beat Vin Diesel in the first round in a matchup many of us predicted would be closer. Then he went on to comfortably beat the 5th seed Mel Gibson, getting 70% of the votes there. In his most recent matchup, he squeezed past #20 seed Denzel Washington, getting 57% of the votes. Will Harrison provide some competition for Arnie or will the Terminator continue to cruise through everybody on his way to the finals?


3. Clint Eastwood vs 7. Bruce Willis

Clint has had a tougher run through the tournament than the other top seeds. He dispatched of James Bond easily, garnering 83% of the votes in that matchup, but then he only beat Jet Li by a 60/40 split in the second round. His quarterfinal matchup was even closer, only getting 56% of the votes against my hero, Keanu Reeves to sneak into the semis. He now has a match-up with Bruce Willis which, if you’ve been paying attention means we have had one of the biggest upsets in the entire tournament, because Bruce Willis slipped past #2 seed Sylvester Stallone in the quarterfinals in a matchup that was closer than Earl and Seth Thomas seem to be. Bruce also defeated Chow Yun-Fat in the first round and became the God of Scientology when he beat Tom Cruise convincingly in the second round. It’s the battle of the cops; Dirty Harry vs John McClane. Is Bruce feeling lucky or will Clint be saying Yippie Ki-yay?!


There it is, we are so close to finding out the winners of these epic brackets. Keep it locked here to find out who wins and also future brackets.