Here we go. It’s semifinals time for the ladies bracket! This has been a hell of a ride so far and Carl and I appreciate anyone who has joined us on it. There are a couple of ideas for our next bracket so stay tuned and make sure you’re following all of the relevant social medias. Onto the matchups!


4. Uma Thurman vs 8. Linda Hamilton

Uma Thurman has dominated both of her matchups so far, getting over 70% of votes against both Zhang Ziyi and most recently, Jennifer Lawrence. Linda Hamilton has possibly been even more impressive. She destroyed Pam Grier in a matchup where she was the favourite but it figured to at least be close. The big surprise though is that not only did she upset #1 seed Angelina Jolie, but she smoked her like Seth Rogen smokes fatties (joints, not large people), getting nearly 70% of the votes. It’s been a cakewalk for these two so far but only one can advance to the final. Is it Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill or Sarah motherfucking Connor from Terminator? I have no idea but I can’t wait to find out!


2. Sigourney Weaver vs 11. Kate Beckinsale

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Sigourney Weaver is my pick to win this whole thing. She fought fucking Xenomorphs and survived…MULTIPLE TIMES! Her matchups in this bracket have been easier, disposing of Scarlett Johannson fairly easily with 63% of the votes. Then she had to get past Milla Jovovich, who put up even less of a fight, with Weaver getting 73% of votes in that one. Those ladies are tough, but Xenomorphs they are not. Kate Beckinsale has been the underdog of the entire bracket. She surprised everyone except for horny Twitter users by squeezing past Michelle Rodriguez in the first round, getting 58% of the votes in the first round. Then she got past #3 seed Charlize Theron by the closest of margins, with literally the final vote being the tiebreaker to send Kate through to this semi. To whoever gave her that final vote, I hope she saw it bro. Does the legend stomp out the underdog, or does the feel-good story carry Kate into the final?


There we have it. Two very tough semi-final matchups. Thurman vs Hamilton. Weaver vs Beckinsale. The choice is yours. Who ya got?

Happy voting. Peace.