Ladies and gentlemen, it is business time! With the quarterfinals underway for the women’s bracket, it is now the men’s turn and we some doozy as fuck matchups today. So let us not waste any time and jump right into it.


1. Arnold Schwarzenegger vs 8. Bruce Lee

arnie bruce lee

Arnie said ‘hasta la vista, baby’ to Robert De Niro as he swept his ass. Seriously, Bob De Niro didn’t get a single vote. Crazy. The student did not become the master in Bruce Lee’s previous round, as he got the jump on his former protege, Jackie Chan in a close match. This is easily the toughest matchup Arnie has had to face all tournament. It’s the legend vs the icon. Arnie vs Bruce Lee…who ya got?


12. Harrison Ford vs 20. Denzel Washington

Speaking of tough matchups, next up we have two legends. The first is a guy who has played two (three if you like Tom Clancy novels) iconic characters in all of movies. The second guy is probably the greatest actor of this generation. Denzel might be looking for justice after getting the low seed in the tournament, but he has to get past Harrison Ford first, who has overcome every foe he has faced except for airplanes. He should stop flying airplanes.


2. Sylvester Stallone vs 7. Bruce Willis

Stallone certainly smelt what The Rock was cookin, sending Dwayne packing early. Bruce handily beat Tom Cruise, so I think by the laws of Scientology, Bruce Willis is now God. Pretty sure that’s how it works. So can Stallone beat God himself? Pretty sure he already did. Wasn’t that the storyline of Rocky V? I’m getting sidetracked here because quite frankly, I don’t want to keep repeating myself but the fact is, this is yet another tough matchup and one of my action movie heroes is getting eliminated…


3. Clint Eastwood vs 6. Keanu Reeves

It’s funny. My whole talking point for Keanu has been that he has been an action icon in three separate decades now; the 90’s with Speed and Point Break, the 00’s with The Matrix and the 10’s with John Wick. You know who has been an action icon for longer? Clint motherfucking Eastwood, that’s who. He launched to fame in the ‘Man with No Name’ trilogy in the 60’s and his last action movie was in 2008 with Gran Torino. That’s 44 fucking years that this dude has been piling up bodies in movies. Clint is so bad ass that he’d kill John Wick’s dog and John Wick would apologise to him for inconveniencing him. My head says Clint but my heart says Keanu. What say you?


There we have it. By far the toughest matchups we’ve had so far and I don’t think it’s been close. At this point, if you aren’t following The Sportcodex on Twitter to keep up with the action, what are you even doing? Nearly time to crown a champ so let’s go!