We’re back and today we have our first quarterfinal action! The women’s bracket is down to the final 8 and we have some beastly matchups. By this point I am sure you know the drill…make sure you follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the action. Now, let’s go!


1. Angelina Jolie vs 8. Linda Hamilton

Angelina smashed her way through round one. It would appear she was more…Wanted than Jessica Alba. Sorry, not sorry for that glorious pun. Linda Hamilton had a tougher matchup but she squeaked past fellow legend Pam Grier. This is the ultimate in quantity vs legacy as Linda is still riding the legend of Terminator 2. Can she pull the upset or has Judgement Day come for her?


4. Uma Thurman vs 12. Jennifer Lawrence

These were the matchups where the Americans beat their Asian counterparts because everybody who voted is uncultured swine. Uma took out Zhang Ziyi…fair enough, but Jennifer Lawrence came through with a huge upset over Michelle Yeoh. While J-Law is more popular with the kids, she hasn’t and probably will never do anything as fucking gangster as Uma Thurman did in Kill Bill. So has J-Law written a Paycheck her ass can’t cash, or is Uma going hungry…games. Okay, that one was a stretch.


2. Sigourney Weaver vs 7. Milla Jovovich

Sigourney beat out a tough competitor in Scarlett Johansson in her first round matchup, but she has fought Xenomorphs. ScarJo is nothing to her. Milla Jovovich also took out a tough competitor in Lucy Liu but Lucy is nothing compared to the bad ass legend that is Sigourney motherfucking Weaver. It’s lucky for Milla when she loses because much like space, brackets are a place where no one can hear you scream.


3. Charlize Theron vs 11. Kate Beckinsale

Charlize did what she was supposed to do, disposing of Zoe Saldana easily. But what the actual fuck, Kate Beckinsale actually beat Michelle Rodriguez, one of the favourites for the entire bracket. I’m guessing people voted for Kate in the hopes of getting to see her Underworld. Unfortunately for all the teenage boys that voted for her, she is coming up against an even bigger bad ass this time around. Seriously, watch Atomic Blonde if you don’t believe in Charlize’s bad ass credentials. All I’ll say is 9 minute fight scene, no stunt doubles. Shit was gangster as fuck. But maybe I’ve taken Kate lightly. She did kick the asses of werewolves, vampires and other freaky shit, plus she helped try to kill the legend of Total Recall with that fucking remake…but I’ll leave that for another rant on another article. Kate has become the underdog of this bracket, so can she claw out another upset?


There we are, another step closer to crowning a champ. Check back tomorrow when we will have the first quarterfinal of the mens bracket.