Here it is. The final day of the Action Stars Bad Ass Brackets. We don’t need to worry about horny Twitter showing up here as there is no Kate Beckinsale but our final matchup today features two heavyweights. Enough talk. Let’s get into it.


1. Arnold Schwarzenegger vs 7. Bruce Willis

Coming into this Arnie was the odds on favourite and he has proven us right so far. He has straight dominated every single matchup he has had, with the closest being Bruce Lee, who only managed to snag 30% of the votes. And it’s hard to argue with the resume the man has. But he also hasn’t come up against anyone as popular as Bruce Willis, who eliminated the presumed finalist on his side and #2 seed, Sylvester Stallone, then took out #3 seed Clint Eastwood. More impressively, Bruce is easily winning these matchups (not as easily as Arnie but I don’t think Arnie has come up against anyone as hard as Bruce either) so it might be fair to say Bruce’s run to the finals has been the more impressive run. Will the run continue or is Arnie’s win fate and we have been stupid to think it could be anyone else?



3. Clint Eastwood vs 12. Harrison Ford

Clint Eastwood had an admirable run to the semifinals, where he beat the likes of Jet Li and Keanu Reeves to advance. The only problem was Clint came up against a red hot Bruce Willis in the semifinal. He tried making it close, getting nearly 40% of the votes but it just wasn’t enough. Speaking of admirable runs, Harrison did really well as a 12th seed, almost always fighting as an underdog, beating the likes of Mel Gibson and Denzel Washington on his way to his matchup with Arnie, which ended up being a squash, as he only garnered 9% of the votes. This has the makings of a very close match though with both guys having legendary action runs. So will it be Dirty Harry Callahan or Han Solo? Who ya got?


There it is. The final write-up for the action stars brackets. Thanks again for everyone who followed along and voted. Yes, even horny Twitter. Appreciate all of you. Keep an eye out for our next bracket, which is still undecided as of yet but we got some ideas. If there is anything you might like to see in a bracket, hit us up on the Tweet machine.