Yes, the rumours are true. The Sportcodex team is getting into the breaking game. Now, you may ask why? There are already so many good breakers, and you’d be right. We aren’t doing it to steal anyone’s thunder or encroach on anyone’s business. So, here are some reasons why we are getting into breaks.

  • We will be trying to build up our communities on our Sportcodex website, as well as The Sportcodex Community group on Facebook and finally, our card-codex website. The way we will be doing this is filling the breaks on the Card-codex website, meaning you will need to be a member to join a break. Then we will be streaming the breaks in our Sportcodex Community group on Facebook.
  • We also want to introduce people newer to the collecting game to breaks by offering affordable spots. The prices will vary break-to-break, but spots shouldn’t end up being more than $35. We will also be doing random teams, giving people a chance at the more in-demand teams for a low price.
  • Something that we want to also try and do is offer products you may not see too often in breaks. For example, in our first break, the main attraction is a 2017-18 Status Hobby Box. 

The Sportcodex team (Al, Carl and myself, Ayden) will all play a role in the breaks. Carl is the main contact and will also be running all the admin stuff. Al is our behind-the-scenes guy and will be looking after the shipping and storage. He also is the man behind the nifty-looking posters you will see. Finally I will be the man on camera running the breaks themselves. This allows me to fulfill my desire of ripping packs but also doesn’t get me in trouble from the Mrs for buying too many cards. It’s win-win!

Due to real life obligations, I will only be able to run breaks between Monday and Thursday in the evenings (usually 9pm or after). The day it is run will depend on when the break is filled and my schedule for that week. Keep in mind too that we will not be running Mini’s for these. They are strictly going to be “break when filled.”

Thank you for supporting us and helping grow our communities. Jump in and have some fun. Good luck. I hope I rip you guys some hits.

For our first break, Ayden will be breaking a hobby box of 2017-18 NBA Status, please follow this link to claim a spot:

Break Rules

  • When two or more players appear on a card, the card will be randomised between the different players featured.  Randoms will be numbered clockwise from top left of players/team logos on card.
  • Randoms will be done using and broadcasted live
  • If the uniform worn on a card does not match the team name, the card goes to the team named on the card rather than the uniform worn.
  • Cards that feature International or unknown uniforms go to the team in which the player played the most games for if retired.  Current players would go to the team in which they play for when that particular set of cards was released. As an example, the Kevin Durant Team USA card in the 2019-20 Mosaic set would go to Brooklyn as Durant was a member of the Brooklyn Nets during the 2019-20 season.


  • NZ Account payments only, please pay into account below and use name and Break Number as a reference:
    Sportcodex Ltd. ASB 12-3115-0229538-00


  • On request, please contact Ayden or Carl through FB messenger or email on
  • We will hold cards securely including all base cards until a shipping request is submitted.  Tracking info will be provided to you through method in which you requested.  This will be on the day the cards are to be shipped.  Please pay shipping into the Sportcodex Account above with your name and Shipping as a reference.
  • Standard Tracked through NZ Post $5.50
  • Courier $7.50
  • Rural add $3.50
  • Cards will be sent out on Fridays following your request
  • All Hits will be toploaded, all Rookie cards, Inserts and Parallels will be penny sleeved at minimum.