What’s up everyone and welcome back to the Sportcodex Sports Movies brackets. We are halfway through round two and there has already been a couple of upsets, including one that I am really quite mad about. Let’s look at the cause of my ire (as well as the other three matchups) then get onto the four new ones.

First up, the 60th seed Space Jam, coming off a victory of the 5th seed Million Dollar Baby, took out 28th seed Jerry Maguire with 72.7% of votes.

Next, the 6th seed The Fighter eliminated the 38th seed Goon with 60% of the votes. I’m not mad at that results, but I am disappointed.

The third matchup is the cause of my ire. People probably think I hate the 39th seed The Blind Side, but I don’t. I do think it’s vastly overrated though. It took out a film that I personally think deserved all the award recognition it received, Moneyball, with 53.3% of the votes. I’ll pour one out for Moneyball.

The final matchup was the closest of all, as it ended up a tie between the 57th seed BASEketball and 25th seed He Got Game. We ruled in the previous round that on a tie, the higher seed goes through which means bad luck to BASEketball.

With that out of the way, let’s get onto our next matchups.

56. Kingpin vs 41. Coach Carter


Stars: Randy Quaid, Woody Harrelson
Directed by: Bobby & Peter Farrelly
RT Score: 59.5%
Path So Far: Beat the 9th seed Bull Durham with 61.5% of the votes.

Coach Carter

Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Channing Tatum
Directed by: Thomas Carter
RT Score: 74.5%
Path So Far: Annihilated the 24th seed 42 with 85.7% of the votes.

Once again we get a goofy comedy going up against a serious film based on a true story. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern as of yet as to which of these films is preferred, but I feel Coach Carter will take this one easily.

55. For Love Of The Game vs 23. Remember The Titans

For Love Of The Game

Stars: Kevin Costner, Kelly Preston
Directed by: Sam Raimi
RT Score: 60.5%
Path So Far: Beat the 10th seed I, Tonya with 63.6% of the votes.

Remember The Titans

Stars: Denzel Washington, Will Patton
Directed by: Boaz Yakin
RT Score: 83%
Path So Far: Remember The Titans barely squeezed past the 42nd seed Dodgeball by virtue of the tie-breaker.

I feel like this one is going to be another one-sided affair but I will say this. Despite it not feeling at all like a Sam Raimi film, For Love Of The Game is a really underrated romance baseball drama. But Remember The Titans should win this easily as it is just plain better.

11. Love & Basketball vs 43. Happy Gilmore

Love & Basketball

Stars: Omar Epps, Sanaa Lathan
Directed by: Gina Prince-Bythewood
RT Score: 89%
Path So Far: Just got past the 54th seed Draft Day with 53.8% of votes.

Happy Gilmore

Stars: Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald
Directed by: Dennis Dugan
RT Score: 73%
Path So Far: Swept the 22nd seed Major League, getting 100% of the votes.

Happy Gilmore may be the lower seed, but it has a huge following and is our only film so far to get 100% of the votes in a single round. Love & Basketball is no slouch though and one of the highest seeds that still remains.

53. Any Given Sunday vs 44. White Men Can’t Jump

Any Given Sunday

Stars: Jamie Foxx, Al Pacino
Directed by: Oliver Stone
RT Score: 62.5%
Path So Far: Beat the 12th seed Rush with 64.3% of the votes.

White Men Can’t Jump

Stars: Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson
Directed by: Ron Shelton
RT Score: 72.5%
Path So Far: Destroyed the 21st seed Friday Night Lights with 90% of the votes.

Here is the toughest matchup of the day and one I am torn over. I will obviously be happy with whichever goes through but sad to see one go as well. Will it be the super serious football drama or the more light-hearted basketball comedy?

There are the matchups for today. Keep an eye out for the polls, as always, by following The Sportcodex on Twitter. Join me next time for the final matchups of Round Two as we get down to the business end of the Sports Movies brackets.

Until next time, PEACE!