What’s up? Sorry for the delay, but we back. And we are down to the quarterfinals of these latest brackets, where we find the greatest sports movie of all-time. Once again, we will look at the previous results and then dive into our final eight films.

The 25th seed He Got Game easily dispatched of the 41st seed Coach Carter with 63.6% of the votes.

Denzel continues strong, with the 23rd seed Remember The Titans taking out the 39th seed The Blind Side with 81.8% of votes.

Our highest remaining (at the time) seed, the #6 The Fighter was dispatched of easily by the 43rd seed Happy Gilmore with the latter taking 75% of the votes.

Finally, the matchup where one of my all-time favourites was gonna get dumped, so it’s bittersweet. The 44th seed White Men Can’t Jump easily took out the 60th seeded Space Jam, also with 75% of the votes.

Now, onto the Quarterfinal matchups.

17. The Karate Kid vs 25. He Got Game

The Karate Kid

Stars: Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita
Directed by: John G. Avildsen
RT Score: 85.5% (89% critic, 82% audience)
Path So Far: Beat 48th seed Above The Rim with 75% of the votes. Beat 16th seed Miracle with 77.8% of the votes. Beat 1st seed Ford V Ferrari with 75% of the votes.

He Got Game

Stars: Denzel Washington, Ray Allen
Directed by: Spike Lee
RT Score: 82% (81% critic, 83% audience)
Path So Far: Beat 40th seed Invictus with 62.5% of votes. Got past the 57th seed BASEketball on a tie-breaker. Beat 41st seed Coach Carter with 63.6% of the votes.

I have to say, The Karate Kid has quietly had one of the most dominant runs of the entire bracket. With each matchup, it got more than 70% of votes, which is all-the-more impressive when you realise it just took out the top seed. He Got Game hasn’t had quite as an impressive run but it has gotten past two fan favourites in BASEketball and Coach Carter. I think this will be the toughest matchup yet for The Karate Kid.

34. Cool Runnings vs 23. Remember The Titans

Cool Runnings

Stars: John Candy, Leon
Directed by: Jon Turteltaub
RT Score: 78.5% (76% critics, 81% audience)
Path So Far: Beat 31st seed Caddyshack with 83.3% of the votes. Beat 2nd seed Raging Bull with 69.2% of the votes. Swept the 15th seed Field of Dreams with 100% of the votes.

Remember The Titans

Stars: Denzel Washington, Will Patton
Directed by: Boaz Yakin
RT Score: 83% (73% critic, 93% audience)
Path So Far: Remember The Titans barely squeezed past the 42nd seed Dodgeball by virtue of the tie-breaker. Beat the 55th seed For Love Of The Game with 72.7% of the votes. Destroyed the 39th seed The Blind Side with 81.8% of the votes.

This has a lot of similarities with the previous matchup in that it is the popular family favourite going up against the serious Denzel movie. Cool Runnings has had a run nearly as dominant as The Karate Kid, molly-whopping Caddyshack and Field of Dreams and also easily getting past the #2 seed Raging Bull, arguably the best-made sports film of all-time. Remember The Titans had a rough start, needing a tie-breaker to get past Dodgeball, but since then it cruised to two easy victories.

30. Rocky vs 43. Happy Gilmore


Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers
Directed by: John G. Avildsen
RT Score: 81% (93% critic, 69% audience)
Path So Far: Beat 35th seed The Longest Yard with 75% of the votes. Beat 3rd seed The Wrestler with 85.7% of the votes. Beat 46th seed Talladega Nights with 66.7% of the votes.

Happy Gilmore

Stars: Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald
Directed by: Dennis Dugan
RT Score: 73% (61% critic, 85% audience)
Path So Far: Swept the 22nd seed Major League, getting 100% of the votes. Dominated 11th seed Love & Basketball, getting 80% of the votes. Beat 6th seed The Fighter with 75% of the votes.

It seems every day there is a matchup where I am torn, as I love both movies in it. Today, this is that matchup. I love both of these movies for different reasons. Rocky has been somewhat dominant, picking up big victories, even over #3 seed The Wrestler. However, if I am not mistaken, Happy Gilmore has the largest average margin of victory in the entire bracket, with an average mark of 85%.

51. The Waterboy vs 44. White Men Can’t Jump

The Waterboy

Stars: Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates
Directed by: Frank Coraci
RT Score: 52.5% (34% critic, 71% audience)
Path So Far: Beat the 4th seed Creed with 55.6% of the votes. Beat the 29th seed The Color Of Money with 57.1% of the votes. Beat the 13th seed Warrior with 66.7% of the votes.

White Men Can’t Jump

Stars: Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson
Directed by: Ron Shelton
RT Score: 72.5% (77% critic, 68% audience)
Path So Far: Destroyed the 21st seed Friday Night Lights with 90% of the votes. Beat the 53rd seed Any Given Sunday with 77.8% of the votes. Beat the 60th seed Space Jam with 75% of the votes.

This is the toughest battle of the quarterfinals in my opinion. White Men Can’t Jump has dominated every movie it has gone up against but The Waterboy has beaten two of the big heavyweights in Creed and Warrior. Can it take out another one or will White Men Can’t Jump keep on cruisin’?

Well, there we have it for the quarterfinals. Quite interesting in that we could potentially have an all-Adam Sandler or an all-Denzel finals, or maybe neither gets a movie through. Whatever happens, it’s all up to you guys. Make sure you follow The Sportcodex on Twitter to keep up with all the polls, and any future brackets we run.

Until next time, PEACE!