What Does It Involve?

Predict each NBA team’s amount of wins for the 2021-22 Season. You will have either the team going over or under the Predicted wins total that are provided by the major betting agencies.

For example, you pick the Lakers to win 55 games. This would be Over the Win Total provided of 52.5 wins.

How Does the Points System Work?

You will receive 1 point for each team that you correctly pick Over or Under

You will receive 1 extra point if you predict the exact total off by 1 win

You will receive 2 extra points if you pick the exact Win Total for that team

Example; you pick the Lakers to win 55 games (Over the 52.5 provided), they win 54 games. So you receive 2 points.

Entry & Prizes

Cost is $20NZD per person to go into the prize pool.

Prize pool will be split between 1st 65%, 2nd 25%, 3rd 10%


All entries will be made public via Sportcodex by the 24th October

If a Tiebreaker is needed at seasons end, winners will be split by most exact team win predictions, then by 1 win off predictions. If this doesn’t split winners the prize amount will be equally divided.

Team Regular Season Win Totals Provided by consensus Vegas Odds

Atlanta Hawks 47.5
Boston Celtics 45.5
Brooklyn Nets 56.5
Charlotte Hornets 38.5
Chicago Bulls 42.5
Cleveland Cavaliers 26.5
Dallas Mavericks 48.5
Denver Nuggets 47.5
Detroit Pistons 24.5
Golden State Warriors 48.5
Houston Rockets 27.5
Indiana Pacers 42.5
Los Angeles Clippers 45.5
Los Angeles Lakers 52.5
Memphis Grizzlies 41.5
Miami Heat 48.5
Milwaukee Bucks 54.5
Minnesota Timberwolves 35.5
New Orleans Pelicans 39.5
New York Knicks 41.5
Oklahoma City Thunder 23.5
Orlando Magic 22.5
Philadelphia 76ers 50.5
Phoenix Suns 51.5
Portland Trailblazers 44.5
San Antonio Spurs 28.5
Sacramento Kings 36.5

Toronto Raptors 37.5
Utah Jazz 52.5
Washington Wizards 33.5

When & How do I enter?

Submit your Win Total entries for each team by email to thesportcodex@gmail.com by start of NBA Tip Off Bucks v Nets 12.30pm NZT, Wednesday 20th October. Please provide payment to ASB 12-3115-0173714-00 and use NBA Comp & your name as reference.

Any questions please ask! Contact @onpointcarl on Twitter or email thesportcodex@gmail.com

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