I want to go over some of my favourite Regular Season Wins Over/Under bets for 2022.

I haven’t done these over the last two years strictly because of the covid situations in the NFL. With the first full offseason since 2019, I’m having a crack at it again. They’re pretty fun to do and I don’t recommend spending your whole bankroll on, as your money will be tied up until January 2023.

I will be posting some point spread bets throughout the season, so keep an eye out.

Odds with Bet365, betting 1 unit on each of these (1 unit being 1% of your bankroll)

  1. New England Patriots 8.5 Under $1.90
  2. New Orleans Saints 8.5 Over $1.90
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars 6.5 Over $2.05
  4. Philadelphia Eagles 10.5 Over $2.30
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10.5 Under $2.50