Follow along with my #NFL betting for the season, I will keep everyone updated in our Facebook group, Sportcodex Community also. I use Pinnacle for my NFL betting, a lot better margins than you will find in New Zealand or Australia.

First up my bet on the Rams at -1.5/-2.5 went for a big L, as Allen & the Bills put away the defending Superbowl champs easily in the second half of the opening matchup.

I have 5 bets lined up for tomorrow’s card. These odds are recorded at Sunday 11th 8.30pm NZT.

Odds at Pinnacle

Saints @ Falcons – Saints -6.5 $2.15

Patriots @ Dolphins – Dolphins -5.5 $2.24

Steelers @ Bengals – Steelers +7 $1.90

Raiders @ Chargers – Raiders +3.5 $1.96

Giants @ Titans – Titans -6 $2.07


W: 0 L: 1 P: 0 W: 0% Units: -1

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